The Baby Steps

  1. Eliminate soda from our house.
  2. Update our salads (organic lettuce, homemade dressings).
  3. Healthier, homemade crackers.
  4. Eliminate genetically modified sugar.
  5. Only purchase organic apples.
  6. Limit food with MSG and sodium nitrite or nitrate (processed meat is a big offender).
  7. Roughly follow the Superfoods Rx Diet recommendations.
  8. Stick to the meal plan.
  9. Use only whole white wheat flour.
  10. Get free-range, cage free eggs.
  11. Buy in bulk where I can.
  12. No more canned foods.
  13. Reduce food waste.
  14. Use healthy oils in cooking/baking (no GMO oils or vegetable based oils or margarine).
  15. Limit eating out "just because."
  16. Get 8 hours of sleep each night and drink more water.
  17. Plan a party and use real food (on a budget).
  18. Make my own deodorant and experiment with portion control at mealtime.
  19. Exercise.
  20. Get rid of condiments from "the old days."
  21. Switch from iodized salt to celtic sea salt.
  22. Make car friendly snacks for road trips to minimize drive-thru visits.
  23. Make the best choices with what you have available.
  24. Line dry as much as possible.
  25. No more store-bought bread.
  26. Purchase used goods or repurpose what we already own when we can.
  27. No more sliced American cheese.
  28. Buy organic potatoes when available.
  29. Buy only natural peanut butter.
  30. Say goodbye to the TV!
  31. Buy local beef.
  32. Make kid-friendly, yet healthy, school lunches.
  33. Only fresh squeezed juice (as in squeezed by me).
  34. Reduce water use.
  35. Use electricity responsibly.
  36. Bye, Bye Shredded Cheese!
  37. Reduce the amount of processed sugar we use.
  38. Use only brown rice.
  39. Phase out Sam's Club.
  40. Preserve, preserve, preserve!
  41. Winterize the home.
  42. Recycle plastic bags.
  43. Use cash only.
  44. Organize for efficiency.
  45. Try new in season produce.
  46. Buy quality kitchen appliances.
  47. Try my hand at soaking grains.
  48. Organize for efficiency (Part 2)
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