Sunday, February 20, 2011

Genetically engineered foods-an agricultral armageddon?

I've just spent the last hour or so reading article after article about the genetic modification and subsequent realase of alfalfa into the commercial market.  I am overwhelmed, depressed and generally angry at both our government for putting money over the health of its citizens and for the American people who don't get involved or are generally oblivious to what is happening to our food supply.  Granted, I don't have a thriving social life, but those who do choose (or are forced) to associate with me will learn about the dangers of genetically modified food.  They just don't care or, even worse, look at me like I'm a raving Glenn Beck with all my conspiracy theories.

I feel like I'm in the movie Independence Day where the alien invader ships are hovering over the cities and the citizens are all standing on the rooftops cheering and then the giant laser beam comes shooting out of the bottom of the ship and annihilates them all.  Our alien ships, piloted by Monsanto and the United States government are shooting genetically modified foods at apathetic, clueless American citizens who will be destroyed in the end.

Maybe I'm a little over the top.  Maybe not.  Only time will tell.

WANTED:  decent sized parcel of land with access to water, in the middle of no-where so I can raise my family's food in a manner that is consistent with my values.  Electricity and running water nice, but no longer essential.  I'm thinking along the lines of Laura Ingalls Wilder.

Articles on the issue:


  1. I totally agree with you!!! I for one am buying only Organic and Heirloom (non GMO produced) seeds to plant in my garden this year. I am also doubling what I grow,so that I can preserve and freeze the excess. I will also be buying fruit from local (organic) orchards to preserve as well.

  2. I'm right there with ya mama...

  3. I'm freaking out, right along with you! I just read about how RR feed is now being linked with skyrocketing rates of fertility problems, including loss of unborn babies, in livestock-what's it doing to us and our children?! So incredibly scary :(

    And like you, the people I know IRL just give me patronizing smiles-so frustrating! This is REAL, and it's a huge issue that we should ALL concerned about.

  4. I already have my seeds and this weekend I'm taking a class at a local nursery on how to start plants from seed and transplant them to the garden (preferably without killing them)!


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