Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My small grocery shopping victory

As I type this, I realize that I'm completely loony for getting this excited about groceries.  Bear with me, I don't get out a lot! LOL

This afternoon, I called a semi-local Dutch bakery and bulk goods store to order my 50 pound bag of whole white wheat flour.  The guy said it wasn't a problem and it would be in the store on March 8th (and it only costs $27.49, for organic whole white wheat flour, woo-hoo!).  Then he said that the week of March 7th was the store's anniversary sale so everything in the store is 10% off.  So, the 50 pound bag of evaporated cane juice, 50 pounds of rolled oats, brown rice, dried beans, almonds, walnuts, spices, etc.  It's all an extra 10% off.  Since all of those things are cheaper anyway, the 10% is a bonus.  Plus, I won't have to buy these things for another 2-3 months, so even though I've already resigned myself to blowing the March budget, at least I know I will have a great quantity of high quality food stored up for future months.

And, I ordered my Celtic sea salt from Amazon today using my Swagbucks, so it was free!  Yea for that too!

1 comment:

  1. I would be excited too! That is awesome and I'm a little jealous!


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