Friday, July 8, 2011

Lunch Catastrophe!

Do you ever have one of those days where nothing seems to go right?  I think I'm having one today.

It all started when... (I feel like I should start with "once upon a time,") I moved the roaster oven outside and plugged it in.  It is only 89 degrees here today, but the humidity is awful bringing the heat index close to 100.  Keeping the house as cool as possible is a priority, so out went the roaster oven.  I thought I was taking safety precautions by blocking it off in the corner with 2 sawhorses.  Well, child #2 (crazy monkey girl) didn't think about why that area was blocked off and ran her leg into the corner of the roaster oven (2nd degree burn on her leg I'm pretty sure).

I got her all taken care of and I put the chicken in to cook.  I allotted myself an hour and 15 minutes, and the directions say an hour, so I felt like I'd given myself enough time to let it cook a bit longer if needed. That didn't happen.  At 1 hour and 15 minutes, there was still visible blood in the chicken, so now there is no protein for lunch.

Veggie of the day was mashed potatoes.  I went to peel potatoes to find that there are only 6 medium sized potatoes and 2 of them have decent-sized bad spots-nowhere near enough to feed 11 kids.  Hmmmm.  I pulled out a head of cauliflower and steamed it.  I pureed the cauliflower and added it to the potatoes (which in my frenzy with the chicken, I forgot to drain).  I had a reasonably thick version of potato soup.  Okay!  I added some shredded cheese and called it good... soupy, but it tasted fine.

Fruit of the day was cantaloupe.  I grab the bowl out of the fridge, patting myself on the back for cutting it up last night.  I lifted the lid to find that Hubby had taken a rather large portion of the melon for his lunch leaving me about 5 small chunks for each of the kids.  It's Friday, I don't have a lot of extra produce running around, so I grabbed the last two apples and cut them into wedges.  Now the kids have 5 pieces of melon and 2 apple wedges.

Bread, what were we having again?  Biscuits, oh crap, I forgot to make the biscuits!  So I started digging through the freezer and produced 6 dinner rolls, 5 chocolate chip cookies and 6 sinckerdoodles.  I cut the rolls in half and gave everyone a cookie.

Luckily, while digging around for some sort of bread item, I found a bag of chicken so I defrosted that and put some on everyone's plate. 

Seconds were iffy at best.  A tomato cut in wedges, some broccoli leftover from the other day, and salad made from a head of lettuce that I chopped on Tuesday (yes, I picked out all of the browning pieces).  The kids were fine, they ate alot and the big kids raved about the soupy potatoes (of course they had no idea that cauliflower was the main ingredient in the dish).  The meal, although not what I had invisioned, was reasonably well balanced, and I cleaned out my refrigerator.

I guess the good news is that the chicken was finally done after two hours and now I have meat for supper tonight.  Maybe I'll whip up a chicken salad... after I take a nap!  Thank God it's Friday!

Have a good weekend!

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