Monday, July 25, 2011

Week 29: Peanut Butter

For many people who are making healthy changes in their diets, one of the first changes to be made is peanut butter.  One reason is because it is a relatively cheap change and two, some people eat a lot of peanut butter so it makes sense to upgrade this item.  For my family however, it didn't even make the first half of the year.  Why you ask?  Well, in December last year, a local store had Skippy Peanut Butter on sale for something like $.78 a jar.  Of course I couldn't pass that up, so I bought 12 jars.  That is a decent quantity of peanut butter, especially since Little Boy is the only one of us that like peanut butter.  I do serve it to the daycare kids, but dipping your carrots in it doesn't exactly use it up quickly.  Anyway, I just ran out last week, so I decided to buy an "all natural" brand. 

When I got to the store, I headed to the health food aisle and was a little unnerved by the prices.  Many jars were upwards of $5 and some were smaller in size than what I had been purchasing.  Due to some unforeseen expenses, my grocery budget was smaller this week so $5 peanut butter wasn't happening.  I made it over to the peanut butter and jelly section and found some Smuckers All Natural Peanut Butter.  The ingredients were peanuts and salt.  That seemed reasonable.  I haven't seen where peanuts are genetically modified on a commercial level, so I thought I was ok. 

I opened the jar this afternoon and even after stirring a really long time, the peanut butter was still pretty soupy, so I'm not sure that I'll stick with this brand.  I may just buy raw peanuts, roast them myself and grind them into peanut butter.  Since we don't use a ton, this probably wouldn't be hard to do.  I am, however, open to other recommendations.

So, what brand of peanut butter do you use?


  1. The bulk food section of my local grocery store has a peanut butter grinder. I haven't tried it,yet, but I may have too. I am like you I stocked up on peanut butter at the last 10 for 10 sale. My kids like to make grilled PB&Js, so we go through it pretty quickly.

  2. we use an organic all natural brand, HEB sells it for less than $3 a brand! A tip for the soupy-ness - store that sucker upside down in the fridge and all the oil will go to the bottom (top) of the jar so when you open it it'll just be perfectly spreadable peanut butter! that kind of soupy-ness is just par for the course with natural kinds that require stirring IME

  3. I was just going to post the upside-down trick! Though now my husband likes to empty it all out in a bowl, stir it together, and dump it back in and it stays mixed, whether upside down or not. We buy our organic all natural pb at Costco but I know you don't have that, so I wonder what Sam's Club sells?

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