Monday, July 11, 2011

Week 27: No more American cheese!

I told myself the last time I bought the big 5 pound brick of American slices at Sam's that it would be my last.  Well, this morning Hubby took the last slice in his lunch, so now it's gone!  What's worse is that he doesn't even know yet.  I'm not a very good wife, because I wasn't aware of how much was in the box, so I didn't even get a replacement (sliced provolone or cheddar).  Oops!

My love of American cheese dates way back to my childhood.  My Mom only bought Kraft singles and I vividly remember grilled cheese sandwiches or broccoli smothered in 2 or 3 slices (to make the broccoli palatable).  Now, as a label reader, I know how many preservatives and artifical colors/flavors there are in it, I can't in good conscious keep eating it or giving it to my family.  But, man it made some good macaroni and cheese!

Although, Hubby will be upset at the loss of his quick snack, this couldn't really come at a better time.  Child #2, "Baby Girl" has eczema and I've found that removing most dairy from her diet has improved her condition.  We haven't completely cleared it yet, but I've/we've not been the most diligent at making sure she doesn't have any dairy.  Last week I know she has had ice cream and pizza.  So, I'm hoping that this is just one more step in making it easier to remove dairy for her (she loves ham and cheese sandwiches).

Eventually, I would like to get away from all pastuerized dairy, and limit raw milk to cooking, homemade yogurt and ice cream, maybe even some homemade cheese occasionally.  I don't think we're quite ready for that yet, but we're making small steps, and I feel like if this diet for Baby Girl works, then I'm one step closer to making my case for leaving most dairy behind us.

So, what's on tap for this week:  dairy free meals (or ones with easy alternatives), volleyball and school supply shopping for the oldest. She's my "baby girl" too, but don't tell her!

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