Saturday, January 8, 2011

Added a widget

I am technologically challenged in many ways.  I read several blogs and they are fancy with buttons, and linked lists of different topics and tabs at the top.  Unless I make a friend who is gifted in this area, you probably won't find that here-although I'm trying.

I did figure out how to add a What I'm Reading section to my sidebar.  It is an Amazon widget that shows the book I'm currently reading.  It is a paid sort of thing.  If you decide that you NEED the particular book I'm reading, you can click the widget and it will take you to that Amazon product.  If you buy it, I will get a few cents for advertising it.

I'm not necessarily in it for the money though I wouldn't turn it down.  I thought this would be a good way to show the books I'm reading and also give readers a link to other reviews for the same book.  I plan on also doing this for green products I use and organic food staples if I buy from Amazon as well.  Again, the link is more just for information than encouraging you to buy.  I say visit your local library, I do!

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