Friday, January 28, 2011

End of the month grocery tally

Most of last year my grocery budget hovered around $500/month.  That included most eating out and the food for the daycare kids.  I found that if we ate home more often, we ate better and saved quite a bit of money.  With that in mind, part of my goal for 2011 was to lower my budget to $300/month.  We are leaving town tonight for the weekend, so I'm calling this my "end of the month."  My next meal plan starts Monday, so the groceries I purchase for that will count in February's budget money.

Until today, I spent right at $330.  A little over, but not too bad.  My problem is that it seems to be one of those months that you run out of everything at the same time.  Don't you hate that?  I st down last night and made my meal plan and grocery list and estimated the total to be $340.  Plus, I'll still need to get milk and produce for the rest of the month.  But, I think March's will be lower because over half of this month's money is going to a Sam's Club run and those items usually last 2-3 months, so that will be money saved in March and April (at least that's the plan).

1 comment:

  1. I think $330 is still amazing - especially if you're feeding so many people.


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