Saturday, January 29, 2011

Weekend at Grandma's

We are spending the weekend at my Mom and Dad's.  My sister's family comes home and my brother and his family come over as well, so it's a big family reunion once a month.  We have a great time, the cousins love the opportunity to play together, and there's food.  A lot of food-most of it unhealthy, processed food.  This presents a challenge for the person attempting to eat better.  Our actual meals are fine, but the in-between stuff is the problem.  Hostess cupcakes, anyone?  Fruit snacks?  Cheetos?  Mountain Dew?

I've done really well eliminating soda.  We drove through Arby's on the way up last night and I didn't think twice before ordering water.  And, the girls ordered tea with no prompting from me.  Of course, the boys got soda, but it's a once in a while thing.  No big deal.

The problem I'm having right now is the lack of decent beverages.  There's soda (uh... no!), Sunny D (even before trying to eat healthier, I avoided drinks containing partially hydrogenated oil), and water.  Water is the obvious choice here, but I have found that the water doesn't taste very good.  Well, not the water, but the ice.  I always have ice in my water, so drinking tap water hasn't been so fun.  I've decided that this is the reason that I always drink a ton more soda when I'm at my parents' house.  Oh, well, I guess if this is my biggest challenge on my journey, I'll be ok.

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