Monday, March 7, 2011

Week 10: Eggs

I used to get farm eggs all of the time.  A guy who worked with my father-in-law had chickens and would bring eggs into work.  Then that sort of fell through several months back and I was left purchasing grocery store eggs.  When I started reading about the living conditions of the chickens, the lesser nutritional value of the eggs and the GMO feed which the chickens were fed, I knew I needed to get something else going.

I was talking about this to one of my friends and she told me that her brother had chickens.  To him, the chickens are treated like pets and they have free reign of his few acres each day and then come back to the coup each night.  He is very particular what they eat and always has several dozen to sell.  It took a while to actually get in contact with him, but last night I got everything set up and picked up my first batch of eggs.  He sells them for only $2/dozen, which is a steal compared to what the grocery store is selling cage-free eggs for.  Plus, yesterday when I went to the store, regular eggs were $1.59/dozen.  The extra $.40 is money well spent in my opinion.

My kids now want chickens.  They fell in love when we went last night.  As we pulled up, about 15 chickens came running up from near their coup to greet us.  My son cried when we had to leave because he didn't get to hold a chicken.  Hopefully we'll get to see the chickens each month.  The guy even told me about a local animal swap where you can pick up eggs, chicks or full grown chickens.  I might have to go check it out, just because it seems like it would be an interesting afternoon!

I didn't get around to making as many whole wheat bread recipes as I wanted to, so I will be doing more of that this week, along with a few egg dishes.  I think the first will be a french toast casserole using the French bread that I made last week (the longer the bread sat the denser it got-I'll have to work on that one).

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