Monday, March 14, 2011

Our mini-challenge

Several weeks ago, I came across a blog called 100 Days of Real Food.  The premise of the blog is that a family of 4 took the challenge that for 100 days they would eat no processed foods.  They finished their first 100 days a while ago, but have been having mini challenges since.  I decided that I'm going to join this time.  The challenge is also for 100 days, but you take on a new healthy task each week (hmmm, does that sound familiar? LOL).  Anyway, week one's challenge is to add more fruits and vegetables to our diet.  They are asking for 2 servings at every meal.  This shouldn't be too hard, as we already have 2 with lunch and dinner.  I just need to add an extra fruit at breakfast.  I'm also trying to add a bit more variety.  I picked up a honeydew melon yesterday, some broccoli slaw mix and a spring salad mix-just a little different than the same 'ole stuff.

I'll let everyone know what each week's challenge is and how we're doing.

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