Friday, April 15, 2011

Life update

Just a quick update-Hubby's surgery yesterday went well.  For the first time in over 20 years (as he recalls) he can breathe out of the left side of his nose.  Thumbs up to that!  He has some pain, but it is much less than we expected (me mainly), so that is nice.  He rested most of yesterday, but already this morning he's been up and around, going to the doctor with me and taking the van to fill it with gas.

My eye doctor appointment went well also.  I do have several places on both eyes where the retina in thinning, but it is typical with someone as nearsighted as I am.  I just have to watch for changes in vision and call them immediately.  If they catch it quick enough they can use a laser to tack the retina back to where it should be (Hubby equated it with spot welding.).  The longer I would wait, the more damage that would be done and they would have to go in and do a much more invasive surgery, so I'll be sure to watch for any changes.  Although, the way the doctor described it, the changes wouldn't be subtle, so not likely to be ignored.  That's good for me because sometimes I'm completely oblivious! =)

My family definitely has many things to be thankful for.  My prayers have definitely included praise and thanksgiving!

As for not eating out, we didn't do bad.  I picked up a sausage, egg and cheese burrito for little man at Sonic after dropping the girls off at school Thursday morning.  The rest of the time (over 6 hours) we ate cashews, craisins and pretzels.  On the way home from volleyball, I stopped at the store to pick up a 4 pound flat of strawberries that was on sale and while I was there I realized that since we had just snacked throughout the day, there was no "meatless" meal for my girls to take to school for lunch on Friday.  I caved and got 2 nacho Lunchables.  Not that it helps much, but I added grapes and whole wheat chocolate chip mini muffins.  We weren't perfect, but I could've eaten out 3-4 times yesterday, so at least we avoided that.

Hubby and I are without kids until Sunday morning.  I'm not sure what is on the agenda, but I hope to do some baking ahead since it will be very cool (overnight frost warnings) this weekend.

What do you hope to get accomplished this weekend?


  1. I have bad eyes (in the -14 range), and I'm also always on the watch for 'floaters', which signal a detached retina. My dad's actually did detach and he didn't go in for over a week, even though he was seeing the floater spots, and even after surgery he's pretty much blind in that eye now :( Stubborn man!

  2. Men, ugh! I'm sort of glad to know my eyes have a way to go before they are really bad. :) It's good to know what to watch for so hopefully you can be on top of the situation if anything ever happens.


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