Saturday, April 30, 2011

Big Meal on the Cheap (and Healthy)

We were out of town all day today.  We went to dear nephew's birthday party and it was a good time, but I definitely could've used the time to clean the house.  Oh well, my family knows how I live; they will deal with it.  All the clutter is picked up.  Hopefully tomorrow I can run the vacuum and get the kids to dust the living room before everyone comes.

Since we had quite a bit of time in the car today, I spent it menu planning.  I have most of May done, but more importantly, I have the menu for the big party tomorrow.  Here goes...

BBQ pork steaks (from the freezer)
BBQ/grilled chicken breast tenders (from the freezer)
potato salad (have all the ingredients)
cauliflower and broccoli salad (had to buy both cauliflower and broccoli, but have the rest)
fruit tray (had to buy kiwi, strawberries, cantaloupe, and pineapple)
fruit salad (need frozen peaches, and a banana)
wheat rolls/buns (have all the ingredients)
chips (I bought some last week to take to my Mom's.  She is bringing them back.)
2 two liter bottles of soda (for my side of the family who takes it intravenously)
tea (have it)
gallon of milk (to eat with the cake-must purchse this as I've let myself run out)
cake (1/4 sheet chocolate cake with buttercream icing-and lots of icing flowers for my brother)

Total out of pocket will be about $25.  This will feed 14 people, a couple of whom can eat the amount of 3 people each) and my brother who is excessively hooked on processed foor and picky to boot.

Pictures will be forth coming.  Right now I'm going to go start cooking.  Oh, and I probably won't be getting 8 hours of sleep tonight.  Eventually, I will do better on that baby step.

My original thought was to make a curried chicken salad, but I think I will make that with the leftovers and have it for dinner on Monday night as one of the girls has a Girl Scout meeting and both have volleyball.

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