Monday, April 18, 2011

Week 16: Sleep and drink

Two of the foundations for a healthy lifestyle are two that I fail at miserably and I've been putting it off long enough.  Starting this week, I will try my hardest to get 8 hours of sleep each night and drink more water each day.  I will shoot for 8 glasses, but since I barely drink 2, 8 is a lofty goal.  I will increase my intake overall.

As far as sleep, my kids get at least 10 hours, my husband gets 8 and probably closer to 9 if you count time spent sleeping on the couch while he's "watching" TV, but me, I average 6 hours of sleep each night.  I have good intentions, but the bread needs to cool or I just want to get that load of clothes into the dryer, or I haven't updated my blog yet.  Please, tell me you do these things too.  I don't purposely choose not to sleep, but by placing other priorities ahead of sleep, I go without.

Now, drinking water should be easy.  I gave up soda, other than the occasional Sonic Happy Hour Cherry Limeade, and I like water, so why don't I drink more of it?  I haven't decided yet.  I think it has to do with being too busy to go to the bathroom.  Giving the issue extra attention this week should help me figure it out, I hope.

Well, it's 9 pm and I have to be in bed in one hour.  I need to scout around the house and figure out what has to be done before 10:00.

Good night!

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