Sunday, April 10, 2011

Mayonnaise, take 2

I tried making mayonnaise using the recipe from Kitchen Stewardship a few months ago when I made ranch dressing.  It didn't turn out at all.  I found out that it was because I used olive oil and I don't like the taste of olive oil, so it pretty much ruined the whole thing for me.  I decided to make it again this week since I finally purchased organic canola, a fairly tasteless oil.  I had no trouble making the emulsion, but the taste didn't suit my palate.

In other words, it was an epic fail.  I have already checked out several other recipes and think that I need a fairly bland version, maybe egg and oil only.  I'll try again later this week.  It has become necessary to come up with something soon as we are completely out and if Hubby goes shopping, who knows what kind of garbage will come home in addition to a jar of mayo. LOL!

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