Monday, August 22, 2011

Week 33: Juice

Last week I posted about an article that I came across.  It was about fresh squeezed/not from concentrate juice being de-oxygenated (to extend its life span) and reflavored with "flavor packets" containing orange oil and other things.  There are even different flavor packets depending on which part of the country you live in as taste preferences of the South may not be the same as the Midwest.  Good grief!  Can food producers stop tampering with our food?

We aren't huge juice consumers in our house.  I usually reserve it for a breakfast with the daycare kids and my kids will share the little bit that is left.  We do that once a week or even every other week. It's not like we're using a gallon a week or anything, it's more just the idea that another thing that I thought was ok, really isn't.

For those occasions I want or need juice, I will have to make my own (my girls love to make orange juice anyway).  I think this will end up being one of those changes where we just refrain from juice altogether rather than go through the task of making our own.  We'll see.


  1. my FB friends were not impressed with me sharing that article LOL not into juice here either fortunately!

  2. Have to agree with those who say we could all do without juice altogether. My husband is in the oj habit and still doesn't believe me when I research and tell him that real/fresh food is so much better. I did end up getting some free grapes from a neighbor who taught me how to make easy homemade canned grape juice. So, I'll be sharing about that this next week.


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