Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Week 34: Water Use

Here it is Wednesday already.  I've had a lot on my mind this week and trying to come up with an important change was tough at best.  We will be hit with a 10% decrease in income this next month. Our budget is stretched as it is with trying to increase our savings a bit and building up a few "what if" funds (car repair specifically).  We have emptied our cafeteria plan for medical reimbursement also.  That means the monthly payment for Baby Girl's braces is now coming out of our pocket.  All of this has been bouncing around in my brain the past week or so and I've been trying to come up with ways to save money on our current bills.

I am coming up empty on quite a few things.  All of the usual places to cut back, we already have.  There's no cable, our cell phones are bare bones and our internet/phone is as cheap as it can go  This leaves utilities.  I don't believe our water consumption is out of control, but I'm sure there are ways to conserve.  Water conservation is both green and good for my wallet (at least that's the plan).

This week I'll be reasearching ways to save water and see what strategies we can put in place to lower our water use.  I think I'll also call our local water district and see what average use is in our area and see how the bill is calculated.  I'm particularly interested in how the sewer rate is figured.  I think the amount we pay for sewer seems excessive (we'll see).

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