Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I am so mad at myself right now!

So I entered the All You Grocery Challenge, right?  I had it in my head that it started the 20th.  I read it wrong and the contest actually started on the 19th!  Aaaahhhhh! (Smacking myself in the head!!!)  With my weekly spending, I was fine (had $21 to spare), but I went and spent $30 on Sunday morning to buy enough to get us lunch and stocked up on nitrate-free bacon.  So now I'm over budget on week one and I'm disqualified! 

It's the details that get me every time!  I'm going to go pout and be mad at myself for my stupidity for a while.


  1. that really sucks! I'm sorry! :(

  2. Oh No! I just read this, so sorry, that totally sucks! :(


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