Saturday, June 25, 2011

Updates for this week

I don't have tons of time.  I'm hard at work cleaning my house (which needs it desperately).  But, I wanted to let everyone know that my posts may be sporadic for a few days as my upstairs computer has a bad monitor cable.  It has been ordered but will take a few days to arrive.  So, since that is where I upload my pictures, if I post over the next few days, the posts will be photo-less.

Also, we went to purchase the umbrella clothesline for the backyard and I found out that it was the same one that had horrible reviews on both Home Depot's website and another site devoted to clotheslines.  So, that is a bust for a moment as well.  The bright side of that is that we had an unexpected auto repair this week and if we had purchased the clothesline, we would've been scrambling to find mone to pay for the repair.  God always provides!

1 comment:

  1. Good luck. I have been improvising clotheslines for years! It always looks pretty tacky, but it gets the job done!


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