Monday, June 6, 2011

Week 22: Car friendly snacks

This is the big week!  We're gearing up for a cross-country road trip.  We'll be travelling from Missouri to Maryland to visit Hubby's sister for a whole week.  I haven't had this many days off in a row in seven years.  I'm both excited and overwhelmed!  Most of the big stuff has been taken care of and now it's time for the details-like, how to keep 5 snacky people satisfied over the course of an 18 hour drive.
We could opt to stop at a drive-through every 2-3 hours and pick up an order of fries or an ice cream cone, but that would be neither healthy nor frugal.  This mama will be baking and buying healthy snack foods to pack for the trip, and also a picnic lunch that will travel well and still be appetizing 24+ hours after being packed.

Our itinerary looks something like this...
leave at 1 pm (naptime for little man, LOL)
snack around 3:30 pm
dinner out around 6:00 pm (we'll probably go ahead and fast food this one to make it to the motel at a decent hour)
light snack at 8 pm
swimming at the motel

rise and eat motel continental breakfast (cross your fingers on this one)
leave at 7:30 am
snack around 10:30 am
arrive at 2nd day midpoint around 1:00 pm
eat and play at park (packed picnic lunch)
back on the road at 2 pm (naptime)
snack at 4 pm
meet Hubby's sis for dinner at 6 pm
leave dinner at 7:30 pm
arrive at our destination at 9:30 pm

If this is half-way accurate, we need 4 snacks (plus a couple extra for variety and they'll probably beg to eat more often) and a picnic lunch.

Here are my list of ideas:
  1. string cheese
  2. trail mix (made from things at home-although a recipe isn't necessary, I'll do a post with what used in mine)
  3. cashews
  4. cereal (real treat as we no longer keep this in the house-I'm thinking Cascadian Farm Fruit O's or something similar)
  5. apple muffins
  6. breakfast cookies (recipe forthcoming)
  7. bananas/grapes
Picnic lunch:
  1. Nitrite-free deli meat snadwich wraps (whole wheat tortillas) with lettuce, tomato, pickle, onion and mayo (I think I'll do ingredients packed separately and put together either in the motel that morning or at the park before eating.)
  2. Sea Salt Kettle Chips
  3. Apple Slices
  4. Carrot Sticks
We will be taking a cooler, along with our reusable water bottles.  Do you think this will be enough, too much?  Opinions and suggestions are welcome! =)


  1. P LOVED those little packets of applesauce type pureed fruits on our trip overseas. You know; they're organic, everything in the packaging is BPA free etc and I got the one with spinach and peas ;) I don't remember the name of them though!

  2. My kids will always eat carrot sticks, and they keep well. Sounds like you have lots of good choices for them.


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