Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Week 25: No more store-bought bread

Wow!  I've been gearing up for this for weeks.  Not that we buy much bread, but I count on it as a fall-back plan.  The problem with that is I can't find a single loaf of bread that meets my criteria.  None of our stores sell an organic bread and even if I can find a loaf that has no HFCS and is 100% whole wheat, you can bet that it has corn or soybean something in it.  Quite honestly I'm more afraid of GMO's than anything else, so there's really no acceptable option.  I face this every time I run to the store "just to pick up a loaf of bread."  I stand there in the bread aisle and read the label on every load and get more more and more frustrated.  Why do I do this?

After a lot of soul-searching (that started on vacation and has been continuing), I'm really disgusted with myself.  I have been putting my food/health journey ahead of most of the other things in my life.  I spend most of my free time (if moms actually have that) reading articles online, looking for new recipes or browsing websites for the cheapest prices for sea salt or raw honey.  Things like daycare business and accounting tasks, house cleaning, organizing and purging junk we don't need have all taken a back seat in my life.  It's to the point that I've been feeling out of control in many areas.  One of the manifestations is that I don't plan ahead enough to know that I need bread-hence, running to the store.  Then I feel bad about it.  Then I pout and put off doing what needs to be done.  You see the cycle forming here, right?  Yeah, me too.

So, this past week my computer wasn't working (still isn't and won't be ever again!) I spent some time making myself a home management binder-or at least the plans for one.  I still need to get the computer forms made.  But, I decided there was no reason to wait on cutesy forms, I would get started using my pen and paper lists I had made.  So far, it's made a big difference.  My living room is spotless (and I'm not even having company!).  My laundry is done-hung on my chain-link fence since I still don't have that clothesline.  Bread (loaves of whole wheat and French) are cooling on the kitchen bar and I'm getting ready in a few minutes to go wash the cabinets down and mop the floor.

I realize that most of this is something that most people attain in their day-to-day lives.  However since I'm rather unorganized, this is a huge victory.  Add to this that my dishwasher quit (I'm handwashing 4 loads worth of dishes each day), the dryer is acting up (great reason to line dry), and the whole need to buy a new computer thing.  Oh, and I broke the handle on my crockpot.  Under normal circumstances, I would be flipping out, but I'm more organized that ever.  Right now, I only have a cleaning schedule and menu plan for the binder, but I'm hoping to add a baking schedule to it as well as our weekly planner and budget/bills stuff so that everything is in one place.  With this kind of organization, I'll never buy store-bought bread again. :)


  1. good for you!

    I still buy a couple loaves of Rudi's organic bread every now and then b/c I just can't seem to find the perfect sandwich bread. I have a couple new ones bookmarked to try out though, maybe one of them will be 'THE ONE'!

  2. I love this post!!! I have been feeling the exact same way. I feel like I have been spinning out of control,too. It seems like everything at our house is breaking or falling apart. I guess, when things like that happen, we just have to put on our big girl panties and fix the problem (or at least jimmy rig is to get us by). Hang in there.
    P.S. I haven't found a great store bought bread either, so I bake most of our own, too.


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