Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

I hope everyone had a very wonderful Mother's Day!

The day is nearly over.  The girls are in bed and little man is hanging on my arm waiting for his bedtime story (yet, here I am blogging-yeah, good mother! LOL).  I just wanted to share what I got for Mother's Day.

Here are 2 buckets that Hubby filled for me.  The blue one has green peppers in it and the purple has lettuce.  We found the lettuce growing under the weed fabric in our raised beds so I transplated it here.  It is a little wilter, and while I'm hoping it comes back, it was a freebie find anyway.  In front I planted Romaine seeds, so we'll see how that goes.

We have 2 raised beds, which I got last year for Mother's Day.  The first has 12 tomato plants (8 Romas and 4 grape tomato plants).  The second bed looks lonely.  There is one cantaloup plant in it, but I planted zucchini, pumpkin and cucumbers.  Last year I did pretty well planting from seed, so we'll see how it goes this year.

Here is my big splurge for the year.  I have been looking at these every year when Sam's has them, but I just couldn't justify pay $30+ for them.  Saturday, when I was there they had them marked down to $7/box.  Well, $14 for 8 plants is right down my alley.  Hubby will be planting these on Monday and hopefully I'll have pictures soon.

Lastly, just for fun is my strawberry patch.  It looks rather disheveled, and honestly we don't do that much too it, but each year it gets a little bigger.  And, as you can see, the strawberries are starting to grow.  This is one of the daycare kids favorite part of spring and early summer.  Each day when they go outside, they run to check the strawberries and if we get a few that are ripe, we pick them, wash them off and eat them right outside.  The kids think it's such a treat!

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